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Effi Bowtell – Director and Senior Financial Planner

Effi Bowtell

“The Best way to predict the future is to create it”

Authorised Representative AMPFP | Advanced Diploma of Financial Services | SMSF Specialist 

Effi established Entire Financial Solutions Pty Ltd by utilizing the skills taken from her extensive experience and working with some of the industry’s best. Her experience with long term relationships with clients has taught her to take the time to understand what’s important to people and has enabled her to see firsthand individuals and business owners creating and implementing successful financial plans. She has built an exceptional team so that our clients feel supported and that their finances are always in the most competent and caring of hands.

Effi has won various awards throughout her career and has been called the Adviser’s Financial Planner by her colleagues due to her depth of industry and technical knowledge.

Effi has developed and applied a personalised, comprehensive and easy to understand advice process, based on each individual client’s situation. She finds clients value the way she makes financial planning and advice engaging, interesting and easier to understand by explaining complex matters and legislation in plain English.

She is passionate about educating her clients to ensure that they understand the options available to them, helping others in developing and articulating their pathways and establishing the numerical value of their goals. This frees her clients to solve the larger concerns in life and allows them to determine what is appropriate and affordable.

Effi believes that ongoing advice and service is critical as it aims to develop ongoing and long term relationships with her clients. She believes that strong relationships are key, as they enable individuals to focus on their passions and strengths with peace of mind that they are on track financially.

Effi has been an Authorized Representative with AMP Financial Planning for over 6 years and has been practicing and working in the Financial Planning industry for over 12 years. She holds a Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning, is a member of the Financial Planning Association, member of AFA and SMSF Specialist Association She is tax accredited planner with the Tax Practitioners Board. Effi maintains specialist qualifications, affiliations and relationships to ensure that she maintains and continues to improve her knowledge and qualifications for all areas of personal advice.

Effi is a big believer in not doing things by halves and operates her business as many should with her “clients come first” philosophy. Effi makes it her job to ensure that your situation has been considered in full before making any recommendations.

Her continuous tenacity to improve her knowledge and profession has her embarking on Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner Designation through the AFA. Effi operates on a philosophy that we can never stop learning and that we can all learn from each other

Effi is dedicated to her fitness, she enjoys the discipline from Mixed Martial Arts, the patience of shooting and thrills of riding her motorbike. Effi loves her family, a love that extends beyond people to her dogs by her side.

The best time to get advice is now, Call Effi today to arrange your complementary 1 hour meeting. Your only investment is your time.

Sean Rooney – Office Manager and IT Support

“Money is not the goal. Money has no value. The value comes fromm the dreams money helps to achieve” – Robert Kiyosaki

Currently studying a Dipolma of Financial Services

As General Manager, Sean oversees the management of the business ensuring our clients can have peace of mind that Entire’s business and team are looked after for continuity of service. This has been expressed as client’s number one consideration when employing or retaining a relationship with a Financial Planner. Their primary concern is that the person dealing with their affairs will be around in future, and that the service they have offered is sustainable. Have you ever been to a shop or a business where the first few experiences were good but later on after business growth that the reasons you once took your business there were lost? Well at Entire there is a dedicated team member to ensure that you feel that your business is appreciated.

He looks after the office operations and ensures the team is running smoothly on a day to day basis.

As many business managers often feel, their work is sometimes not transparent to the outside world, however their work is recognized in the services provided by the team. Sean’s role is to oversee the office needs and handles client queries and concerns. Sean also heads our IT department in the business ensuring we have the latest software and that our client records are always protected. Sean ensure that our client’s information is secure and safe and the team are operating safely and efficiently.

Sean has undertaken study in Financial Planning over the last 12 months to ensure that he has the qualifications to back up on the job experience, to build his knowledge and understanding, to better manage the team and to chip in in times of overflow.

Like all the Entire team members Sean also is passionate about healthy living and fitness and starts most days with a session at his local cross-fit gym. Sean has two young boys who keep him on his toes and has a firm understanding of family values and the pressure of day to day life.

Sean brings many years of and a variety of trade and business management experience. Sean has experience in mechanics and arboriculture and brings physical elements of those trades into Financial Planning. Sounds funny to think that Financial Planning and mechanics or trees go together doesn’t it? Surprisingly, Financial Planning encompasses quite a lot of mechanics to ensure that transactions, strategies and team members are able to implement their advice. The wheels are always turning in our industry requiring us to ensure we have the correct parts to ensure that our engine runs smoothly with new ideas, technology, legislation, advice solutions, investments and strategies.

Sean is knowledgeable in various walks of life and bring this experience to the team. Cutting down trees taught him to identify risks, as one wrong move can bring it down the wrong way. Sean takes careful consideration when discussing office procedures and values the importance of accuracy. With a chainsaw in your hand or a machine above your head you begin to learn the importance of safety and situation awareness and react quickly when the need arises to move or change. This is important for a business, a team and ultimately our clients.

Sean’s approach to management ensures that our team keep on top of their knowledge and the changing economy. Sean’s experience brings a practical approach to financial advice and our service ensuring that the team and the advice given is well thought through.

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