Complimentary Financial Health Check

1. Are you concerned you are paying too much tax and wish to reduce it?

2. Are you concerned about the level of debt you have?

3. Do you have enough time to repay your mortgage before retirement?

4. Do you treat your superannuation like your greatest retirement asset or do you have numerous super accounts of unknown values?

5. Have you considered a SMSF?

6. Are you satisfied that your investments can weather market ups and downs?

7. Do you have your income protected?

8. Are you confident you and your family would be able to meet your cost of living if you were unable to work?

9. Have you thought about your retirement, what it looks like and what you need to consider to ensure you can continue to meet your cost of living?

10. Are you looking to maximise your Centrelink entitlements?


By completing this form you are consenting to being contacted by Entire Financial Solutions. We will contact you to arrange a complimentary no obligation initial appointment to assess your need for advice and if we are able to put you in a better position.